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Press Release: The Vintage Table by Jacqueline deMontravel and the Editors of Romantic Homes Magazine

February 5th, 2010



The Vintage Table

Personal Treasures and Standout Settings

By Jacqueline deMontravel and the Editors of Romantic Homes Magazine

 There is a timeless pleasure in gathering around a well- set table, whether for an intimate dinner, an impromptu weeknight get-together, or a special holiday gathering of friends and family. Your table setting gives you the perfect opportunity to express personal flair and a chance to celebrate, using both your family china and newer finds. Unlock the potential of the hidden gems tucked away in your own cupboard or at a local flea market with THE VINTAGE TABLE (Clarkson Potter, December 29, 2009).  With the same imagination and charisma as in their previous book, Vintage Vavoom, Jacqueline deMontravel and the editors of Romantic Homes magazine share hundreds of clever, cool, and romantic ideas for unforgettable table settings.

 Proving that you don’t need to spend a fortune to entertain in style, THE VINTAGE TABLE teaches you to mix and match vintage and modern pieces to stunning effect. Pair grandmother’s silver and teacups with new glasses from Target, a modern vase of  hydrangeas, and napkins made by cutting up pieces of a fabulous French-patterned apron you snagged at a yard sale.

Some seasonal themes include:

  •     Winter:  Create a cozy après-ski table inspired by the Swiss Alps. Start by laying a simple faux-fur table cover and then accent with pine cones, pheasant and peacock feathers, or a vase of store-bought roses with sprigs of pine.


  •   Spring: Go glam by hosting an outdoor spring picnic with all the elegance of the indoors. Move formal furniture like paintings, mirrors, and dining room chairs outside for an unexpected setting. You can even bring out a couch to make an inviting, comfy lounge space for guests.


  •  Summer: Get into the midsummer spirit with a fairy-tale party, a perfect occasion for a vintage table. Decorate with whimsical embellishments like paper lanterns, vintage dinner pieces, and rolls of ribbons loosely draped for an airy effect.


  •    Fall:  Forgo the traditional warty gourds and tacky turkey figurines in favor of a truly romantic Thanksgiving table. This need not be a daunting challenge. Find inspiration in pieces you already own and strike a vintage note with copper wine buckets and large jam jars filled with dried cranberries or nuts.



THE VINTAGE TABLE also includes a resources section brimming with listings of venues for finding décor items, flowers, and other special pieces that will become a beloved part of your home’s scheme. Filled with practical information and beautiful photographs, THE VINTAGE TABLE will inspire you to dazzle guests throughout the year with your charming tabletops, and to make your surroundings an everyday treat.

About the Author

JAQUELINE DEMONTRAVEL is the editor of Romantic Homes magazine. She has worked at Self and GQ and is the author of four books. She and the editors of the magazine are also the authors of Vintage Vavoom. 


The Vintage Table

Personal Treasures and Standout Settings

By Jacqueline deMontravel and the Editors of

 Romantic Homes Magazine 

Clarkson Potter? Publication Date: December 29, 2009

? 978-0-307-46054-7? Hardcover? $35.00

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