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Press Release: The Skinny by Dr. Louis J. Aronne

January 15th, 2010


 *Now in Paperback*



On Losing Weight Without Being Hungry

By: Louis J. Aronne, M.D.

with Alisa Bowman


Have you ever wondered why some people can eat everything in the kitchen and remain slim, while others pay in pounds for every bite?  According to Dr. Louis Aronne, one of this country’s leading authorities on weight loss, you can actually blame your biochemistry.  He believes that losing weight is not about willpower.  It’s about biology.  In his groundbreaking new book, THE SKINNY (Broadway Books; On-Sale March 30, 2010), written with Alisa Bowman, Dr. Aronne shows readers how to fix their internal biology by simply making incremental changes to the way they eat and exercise.  As a result, they lose weight and keep it off without experiencing the extreme hunger, cravings, and deprivations that are all too common with most diets.

As the founder and director of the Comprehensive Weight Control Program at New York–Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center, Dr. Aronne is the go-to guy for anyone who is overweight. He sees as many as eighty patients a week, and in recent years he has also become the doctor of last resort.  He takes the very hardest cases—people who have been unable to lose weight on a variety of diet regimes and seem destined for weight-loss surgery—and has been able to figure out what’s holding them back.  Remarkably, under his care the average patient drops 15 to 20 percent of his or her initial body weight.   Dr. Aronne has discovered that weight loss isn’t about priorities, willpower, or wanting it badly enough.  Rather, it’s about biology: your body, your brain, and your hormones.  And if you don’t first override the internal biology by fixing the “fullness resistance” that is driving you to eat, typical approaches to weight loss, such as portion-control and calorie-counting, just won’t work.  

THE SKINNY teaches dieters to use the latest advances in the science of appetite and body weight regulation so they can fill up on fewer calories naturally.  They won’t need to will themselves to put down their forks and stop eating.  They do it automatically because they feel satisfied and will no longer wish to keep on eating.  Rather than advocating the use of willpower to stop eating, THE SKINNY explains fill-power:  eating filling foods first (such as fruit, vegetables, or soup) and fattening foods last. By eating more of the right foods, dieters can more easily limit the wrong foods—and then the pounds come off. 

Based on over twenty years of research and clinical experience, THE SKINNY is Dr. Aronne’s proven plan to make your biochemistry work for you instead of against you, taking readers through step by step, meal by meal, showing them how to turn off “fullness resistance” by eating certain foods and avoiding others.  By helping you learn, understand, and work with the new science of appetite, Dr. Aronne explains why:

  1. The more you eat of a certain food, the hungrier you seem to get
  2. You crave sweets after eating too many carbs
  3. You feel cold when you lose weight
  4. Food tastes better when you’re dieting
  5. You wake up feeling hungry after a night of overeating
  6. Your metabolism slows as you lose weight
  7. You feel hungry after a night of poor sleep

And for those dieters who, despite their best efforts to change their eating and lifestyle habits, still can’t shed the weight, Dr. Aronne offers insight into what underlying problem may actually be to blame.  From poor sleep patterns including insomnia and sleep apnea, to medications for such things as diabetes, allergies, heart disease, and high blood pressure that may have side effects of slowing metabolism or increasing hunger, Dr. Aronne offers tips and suggestions to identify and troubleshoot these very real problems that could be stopping you from reaching your weight-loss goal.   Once the pounds are off, you can follow Dr. Aronne’s “Skinny Secrets” for maintaining your weight loss for good.

Based on Dr. Aronne’s successful experience with hundreds of patients and including flexible  menu plans, nearly fifty recipes, and a practical strength-training routine, THE SKINNY is a comprehensive and revolutionary approach to weight loss that teaches readers how to automatically put down their fork and push away from the table without counting a single calorie!

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DR. LOUIS ARONNE has directed the Comprehensive Weight Control Program at New York–Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center since 1986. He lives in Greenwich, Connecticut. ALISA BOWMAN has cowritten five New York Times bestsellers, including The 3-Hour Diet and 8 Minutes in the Morning. She lives in Emmaus, Pennsylvania.


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The Skinny: On Losing Weight Without Being Hungry

By:  Louise J. Aronne, M.D., with Alisa Bowman

Broadway Books

ISBN:  978-0-7679-3040-6

On-Sale March 30, 2010



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