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Press Release: The Art of War for Women by Chin-Ning Chu

January 28th, 2010

A Brilliant Adaptation of Sun Tzu’s Philosophy to Win at Every Aspect of Life

*Now in Paperback*



Sun Tzu’s Ultimate Guide to Winning Without Confrontation

BY Chin-Ning Chu

Forget everything you think you know about strength, strategy and success. From internationally renowned speaker and bestselling author Chin-Ning Chu comes THE ART OF WAR FOR WOMEN: Sun Tzu’s Ultimate Guide to Winning Without Confrontation now in paperback (Broadway Books; On-Sale February 9, 2010; $13.00). An adaptation of the ancient masterpiece The Art of War, THE ART OF WAR FOR WOMEN uses the eternal wisdom of philosopher-general Sun Tzu to explain how to battle office politics, balance job and family duties, and rise to the top of any organization.

This reinterpretation of a business classic is perfect for women who are looking to take their leadership skills to the next level. Chin-Ning Chu makes clear that Sun-Tzu’s ancient and eternal message isn’t really about war; it’s about strategy and The Art of War for Women sheds light on how the five elements that make up the foundation of warfare apply to the modern workplace.

  • Righteousness – Your sense of morality drives your actions. If your position is pure, colleagues will be willing to support your cause.
  • Timing— Learn when you should take action or when it is better to wait.
  • Assets and Liabilities—Turn your liabilities into assets. No attribute is purely negative or positive – it depends on what you do with the hand you are dealt.
  • Leadership—True leadership is about your attitude not your job title. It is a focus not a behavior.
  • Discipline— Discipline is key when managing the balance between your work life and personal life. 

Sun Tzu wrote The Art of War 2,500 years ago with the distinct philosophy that war is about determining the most efficient way of gaining victory with the least amount of conflict. Undoubtedly, this makes The Art of War particularly appropriate for women as they tend to be natural negotiators and problem solvers. The strategies in THE ART OF WAR FOR WOMEN are meant to be used as integration tools, keys of success that rely on yourself and your unique talents.

Written by one of the foremost authorities on Sun Tzu, THE ART OF WAR FOR WOMEN is sure to become a classic in its own right. With a purpose to provide women with strategies they need to overcome obstacles that stand in the way of their goals and dreams, this book is for those looking to gain a better understanding of who they are—and, more important, who they want to be.



Chin-Ning Chu was an internationally renowned speaker and the bestselling author of Thick Face, Black Heart. Former president of Asian Marketing Consultants, Inc., chairperson of Strategic Learning Institute, and president of Neuroscience Industries, Inc., she was a major contributor to the Discovery Television Great Book series on The Art of War, which aired on the Learning Channel. Chin-Ning Chu passed away in 2009. 



Sun Tzu’s Ultimate Guide to Winning Without Confrontation

Chin-Ning Chu 

Broadway Books

On-Sale: February 9, 2010

ISBN: 978-0-385-51843-7; $13.00; Trade Paperback


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