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Press Release: Don’t Stalk the Admissions Officer by Risa Lewak

July 27th, 2010

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On Sale Date: July 13, 2010


Don’t Stalk the Admissions Officer


How to SURVIVE the College Admissions Process Without LOSING YOUR MIND




For the 2.6 million students applying to college in this country, the admissions process is no laughing matter. With seemingly so much riding on getting into the best colleges in an increasingly competitive playing field, the pressures on students—and their parents—have risen to extremes. This smart new book changes all that.

Bringing levity and a hearty dose of humor to an otherwise stressful time, Don’t Stalk the Admissions Officer packs a punch line with essential information that students and parents need to conquer the college application process with their sanity and sense of humor intact.

This indispensable handbook by former pre-admissions counselor Risa Lewak shares insider tips, laugh-out-loud anecdotes, and fresh, practical advice for every key step of admission: deciding between the SAT and ACT, scoring stellar teacher recommendations, acing the interview, choosing the right school, and crafting a standout essay—while keeping everything in perspective. Featuring insight from hundreds of interviews with students, parents, teachers, guidance counselors, admissions officers, private counselors, and SAT tutors, Don’t Stalk the Admissions Officer is refreshingly fun to read, covering topics such as the following:

  • Enjoy high school now, avoid therapy later
  • When to tell your parents it’s time to start seeing other children
  • Paying for college without getting arrested
  • Intelligent questions parents can ask on a college tour versus questions that make you wish you were adopted
  • Dealing with loans, debt, and other depressing topics

Blending warmth with a biting wit, Don’t Stalk the Admissions Officer is more than a go-to-guide—it is a much needed refuge and friend to the many anxious students (and parents) who, while driven to desperation now, will be able to look back and laugh at the college application process.

RISA LEWAK, MSEd, is a former pre-admissions counselor and recruiter at Hunter College who leads workshops to help prospective college students and their parents minimize the stress of the application process. She is an alumni interviewer for the University of Pennsylvania, a frequent speaker at high schools and college fairs, and a regular contributor to popular college prep websites, including and Lewak lives in New York, New York, and is available for interviews. For more information, visit


Don’t Stalk the Admissions Officer: How to Survive the College

Admissions Process Without Losing Your Mind

by Risa Lewak 

$13.99 paper, 208 pages, 5 3/16 x 8 inches, ISBN: 978-1-58008-060-6

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