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Press Release: Effective Immediately

April 27th, 2010

Publicity Contact: Kara Van de Water — 510-285-2966 •

Publication Date: MAY 2010


Effective Immediately

how to FIT IN, STAND OUT, and MOVE UP at your first REAL JOB


Bright-eyed college graduates think they are ready to take over the world, but lacking the skills necessary to shine in the workplace, they are left taking over administrative tasks instead. To move up, you must get noticed. To get noticed, you must be distinctive. To be distinctive, you must be known for results. In other words, you must be Effective Immediately, and that’s where this handy guide comes in.

Seasoned manager Skip Lineberg and Emily Bennington, a successful young professional, help new employees master the basics of business and elevate to the top of their game with the skills they need in order to be perceived as top performers.

This high-energy guide is chock-full of bite-sized lessons showing first-time employees how to survive today’s baptism-by-fire workplace without getting burned. The book is organized by career milestones—first tasks, meetings, reports, and so on—so that ambitious new employees can ace their way on to an employer’s fast track.

Long-term success never just happens; it is always the result of clear objectives, laser focus, and good work habits from day one. With advice on office attire, staying organized, interacting with superiors to gain their respect, responding to voicemails and emails, admitting mistakes, and much more, Effective Immediately is the key to exceeding expectations and moving up in the first year on the job.


“This book is filled with invaluable wisdom from authors who have led and inspired others.      It’s that increasingly rare book–written with respect for our time with brevity, energy, and wit. What more could a reader ask for?”

Harry Beckwith, bestselling author of Selling the Invisible and You, Inc.


SKIP LineBerg (a mentor) and EMILY BENNINGTON (his protégée) have made empowering new professionals their life’s work. They develop products and seminars designed to transform motivated graduates into remarkable executives. Skip is a founding partner of Maple Creative and host of Marketing Genius, recently voted one of the top 150 business blogs. Both Emily and Skip are frequent contributors to regional business publications and regularly speak to college students. They are from Charleston, West Virginia, and are available for interviews. For more information visit


Effective Immediately: How to Fit In, Stand Out, and Move Up at Your First Real Job

By Emily Bennington and Skip Lineberg 

$14.99 paper, 256 pages, 5 3/16″ x 8″, ISBN: 978-1-58008-999-9

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