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Press Release: Perfect Palettes by Stephanie Hoppen

February 5th, 2010

Perfect Palettes

Inspirational Color Schemes for the Home Decorator

By Stephanie Hoppen

 Color enriches the world around us, and is a simple, elegant way to personalize a home. And yet with the infinite possibilities, selecting a color scheme can be a daunting task. In PERFECT PALETTES (Clarkson Potter; December 29, 2009), home-decorating expert and author Stephanie Hoppen demystifies color by using intuition as a starting point. Everyone has a unique sense of color, gleaned from the familiar, such as favorite landscapes, art, or even food. With this comprehensive, hardworking, and beautifully designed sourcebook as a guide, channeling these individual inspirations into rich sensory delight has never been easier.  

 Hoppen’s lovely rooms and paint chips reveal how stylish and easy color can be, proving that using several palettes throughout the home no longer has to look garish or overdone. She allows color to spill off the walls and onto furniture, floors, fabrics, and ceilings to stunning effect. Armed with Stephanie’s expertise, even the most color-shy decorator can find a scheme to fit his or her  taste. Chapters are defined by specific color palettes built around themes such as:

  •    Seascapes: Dramatic blues inspired by the Caribbean, denim, and stormy weather
  •    Cherry and Blossom: Reds and pinks derived from tomatoes, sunsets, roses, and seashells
  •   Sunshine and Citrus: Yellows invoking lemons, cornfields, honey, and apricots
  •   Night and Day: Blacks and whites based on jet, slate, silver, and snow
  •    Earth and Clay: Earth tones channeling fall leaves, terra cotta, coffee, and oatmeal
  •   Apple and Pistachio: Greens conjuring up moss, limes, jade, and forests

 In addition to the more than 500 innovative and complete color palettes, Hoppen also provides an extensive resource section, which includes a comprehensive directory of paint suppliers in the U.S.

 There is no greater joy than walking into a room with a well-balanced color scheme. PERFECT PALETTES takes the guesswork out of decorating, and shows how color can strike just the right mood in every room of your home.

About the Author

 STEPHANIE HOPPEN is a decorating expert and the author of a dozen previous decorating books, including Perfect Neutrals and Perfect Curtains.  She lives in London, England, where she owns a successful art gallery.

Perfect Palettes

Inspirational Color Schemes for the Home Decorator

By Stephanie Hoppen

Clarkson Potter? Publication Date: December 29, 2009

? 978-0-307-46178-0 ? Hardcover? $35.00

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