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Press Release: Your Mother Was Right by Kate Reardon

October 27th, 2010


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From the founder of comes a new guidebook full of helpful tips by and for real women, on everything from beauty, health, parenting, fashion, shopping, cooking, dieting, business, travel, and more . . .




All the Great Advice You

Tried to Forget


By Kate Reardon

Founder of



Need to solve a problem in a pinch? Welcome to YOUR MOTHER WAS RIGHT: All the Great Advice You Tried to Forget (a Three Rivers Press paperback original; August 3, 2010; $13.99) by Vanity Fair contributing editor Kate Reardon, the second book of advice gleaned from the website Started by Reardon, is a community of women who share their successes (be it at work, in a relationship, or at hair removal) with other women around the world in an open forum that invites feedback and support. 


The advice i the book comes from real women, with real lives, plus some bonus tips on how to be happy from celebrities such as Donatella Versace (Wear a fabulous smile and great jewelry and know that you are totally and utterly in control!) and British Prime Minister David Cameron (Swim at dawn on an empty Cornish beach.),, and really inventive solutions to everyday problems. Sample tips include:


*     How to find a present for a new mom on Mother’s Day: New moms crave sleep, so the best present you can give her is a day off. Offer to look after the baby for a few hours, allowing her to relax and catch up on some much-needed beauty rest.


*    How to get a super smooth shave on your legs: Take a warm bath to soften the hairs, exfoliate, then use a little olive oil (instead of shaving gel). This works wonders. The razor will glide smoothly, leaving legs free of cuts—and they’ll feel really well moisturized afterwards.


*     How to motivate yourself to exercise: Think of exercise like brushing your teeth—something that you need to do or it would be gross.


*     How to earn your own money if you’re still in high school: Think outside the box. Offer to teach the techie skills high schoolers are famous for to “older” people—how to use a digital camera, how to add numbers to cell phones, how to work iTunes—you’d be surprised how many people could use such lessons!


*     How to face somebody every day who has turned you down: Turn it around—if a guy you didn’t like asked you out and you turned him down, would you expect him to avoid you? I doubt it. I’m sure he’s also slightly embarrassed, but honestly the best thing you can do is brazen it out. Smile and say good morning the next time you see him and get on with your day.


*     How to stop travel sickness: Put your middle and index fingers on your wrist (as if you were taking your pulse) and apply pressure; this should ease the sick feeling.


*     How to eat healthily on a tight budget: Check your butcher and supermarket for meat sales and freeze the extra portions. Get a slow cooker if you can. They’re cheap to run, can be ignored while cooking, and will make tougher ends of meat tender. They’re the best kitchen investment you can make for efficiency and economy.


Since the publication of Reardon’s first book, Top Tips for Girls, her website has received tens of thousands of new and fresh tips. Culling the best user-generated content for this book, she puts the power and wisdom of the women’s community back where it belongs—in the hands of its members—and even provides a special promotional code that entitles readers of the book to enhanced status when they register on the website. 


Readers will soon find themselves counting the advice from the ladies at among the best they’ve ever received. Covering topics ranging from beauty, health and diet, parenting, shopping, cooking, business, travel, and more, YOUR MOTHER WAS RIGHT is the ultimate advice column and a must-have for women of any age. 

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About the Author:

Author of Top Tips for Girls, KATE REARDON has spent more than twenty years at the cutting edge of women’s publishing. She started her career at nineteen as a fashion assistant at American Vogue and at twenty-one was made fashion editor of Tatler. She has contributed to most of the major British newspapers and written three columns in the Times—which named her one of Britain’s best writers. She is currently a contributing editor at Vanity Fair. She lives in London during the week and goes to her cottage in Wiltshire on the weekends. She has just bought a horse.




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All the Great Advice You Tried to Forget

Kate Reardon

Three Rivers Press

August 3, 2010 • $13.99

978-0-307-58863-0 • Paperback

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