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Press Release: Rubies in the Orchard by Lynda Resnick

March 12th, 2010


now in paperback



The POM Queen’s Secrets to Marketing Just About Anything

 By Lynda Resnick with Francis Wilkinson

 “Using sound advice, a wealth of first-hand experience, historical perspective, and fierce self-confidence, Lynda Resnick has written a very useful and practical book. Anyone starting a business or running an entrepreneurial venture should read [it].”

—Martha Stewart, founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

 “Lynda is truly an unstoppable force. She has had a remarkable career taking small businesses and transforming them into iconic brands. In Rubies in the Orchard, Lynda shares her shrewd and surprisingly simple strategies for breaking through in a cluttered marketplace.” 

—Rupert Murdoch, chairman and CEO, News Corporation

 “You can buy a thousand books with sound business lessons, but Rubies in the Orchard is among a special few that lift you from your seat and compel you to act immediately.”

—Chris DeWolfe, cofounder and CEO, MySpace

 “Lynda Resnick focused on finding the truth to set her brands free. Whether identifying the medical benefits of POM or the pitfalls in delivering flowers, this born marketer knows how to sell without even stepping outside the box.”

—Mehmet Oz, bestselling author and vice chairman and professor of surgery, New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia 


Lynda Resnick and her husband, Stewart, own FIJI Water, POM, and Teleflora, among other companies. In 2003, only 12 percent of the population even knew what a pomegranate was. Today, thanks to the tireless efforts of Lynda and her team at POM, pomegranates are ubiquitous in our culture, their astonishing health benefits are well known, and POM has developed into a 150 million dollar business.

Beyond her considerable success with POM, Lynda helped to turn a fledgling flower service called Teleflora into the world’s largest floral service, with 24,000 member retail florists. Since acquiring FIJI Water in early 2005—the tenth ranked premium water at the time—she orchestrated a complete identity relaunch. As a result, sales have increased 200 percent and FIJI Water has overtaken Evian as the #1 premium water in America. How did she do it?

The Wall Street Journal bestseller RUBIES IN THE ORCHARD: The POM Queen’s Secrets to Marketing Just About Anything (Broadway Business; on sale: April 6, 2010; Trade Paperback Reprint; $15.00) by Lynda Resnick with Francis Wilkinson chronicles the fresh approaches, innovative ideas, and can-do self-confidence behind Lynda’s immense success, sharing how all of us can succeed in today’s market—whether we work for a mom-and-pop organization or a billion-dollar international food conglomerate.

 Lynda reveals her secrets to creating some of the world’s most memorable and iconic brands, and shows managers and marketers how to think inside the box (rather than outside of it). In doing this, she also shares her knowledge and passion for marketing brands, products, and services. Her insights are relevant and sustainable in this roller coaster of a century and will encourage and enable anyone who is building a business to look at their companies with a new eye on authenticity, transparency, value, energy, integrity, and innovation. 

Told from Lynda’s fresh, opinionated, funny point of view, RUBIES IN THE ORCHARD dispenses contrarian advice on how to promote products, win the hearts and minds of today’s customers, create brand faith in an age of cynicism, dismiss the predictable and expected, and achieve extraordinary results.


LYNDA RESNICK is the marketing genius behind POM—the company that put pomegranates on the map—as well as FIJI Water and Teleflora. She and her husband own these and several other companies, and are the biggest producers of nuts, apricots, and pomegranates in the world. For more information, please visit: or chat with Lynda on her blog at

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The POM Queen’s Secrets to Marketing Just About Anything 

By Lynda Resnick  

Published by Broadway Business, an imprint of the Crown Publishing Group, a division of Random House, Inc.

Trade Paperback Reprint; $15.00; 240 pages; on sale: April 6, 2010  

ISBN: 978-0-385-52579-4

 For more information about Rubies in the Orchard or to schedule an interview with Lynda Resnick, please contact Caroline Sill at 212-782-8943 or

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