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Press Release: The Inheritance by David E. Sanger

January 28th, 2010


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The New York Times Bestseller, Now Available in Paperback

Revised and updated with insider accounts of Obama’s key decisions on Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran


The World Obama Confronts and the Challenges to

American Power

By David E. Sanger



“Dazzling and mordantly hilarious…the product of extraordinarily diligent reporting…devastatingly effective.”

—Gary J. Bass, The New York Times

“Sanger’s behind-the-scenes account of the Bush Administration’s foreign policy is laced with scoops and secret conversation about a world spinning out of America’s control.”

?Romesh Ratnesar, Time

“Riveting, essential reading.”

?Michael Beschloss, author of Presidential Courage

During his seven years as White House correspondent for the New York Times and in his current post as chief Washington correspondent, David E. Sanger has had access to top administration, intelligence and military officials, both on and off the record. Now, in an updated and revised paperback version of The Inheritance (Three Rivers Press; January 12, 2010) he describes the challenges President Obama faced in his first year in office.

In a new epilogue, he tells the back story of Obama’s decision to reveal the existence of a new, secret nuclear enrichment site under construction in Iran, the divisive debate within his own national security team over adding tens of thousands of new troops to Afghanistan, and the slow unraveling of Pakistan. At a time of new terror threats—and a revived Al Qaeda—The Inheritance takes readers inside the Situation Room. He explains how, with its attention riveted on managing a war gone bad in Iraq, the Bush administration became blinded to what was going in the rest of the world, leading to the dangerous developments that Obama was faced with on day one. And he takes the story forward with a first look at how a new president confronted some of the most vexing challenges around the globe. Chief among them:

• How Obama attempted a new opening to Iran, but was rebuffed as the country devolved into internal political chaos and its nuclear program moved slowly but inexorably toward a bomb. Now the new president is turning to sanctions while trying to hold off a possible attack on Iran’s facilities by Israel.

• How the hopes for a more stable and more democratic Pakistan slowly dissolved as the government came under increasingly bold attacks from the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and a new administration tried to assess the risk that part of its nuclear arsenal could fall into the hands of terror groups.

• How the administration engaged in a wrenching, public debate over whether to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan, a decision on which Obama’s presidency may ride.

With a historian’s sweep and an insider’s knowledge, Sanger explores the extraordinary challenges that lie ahead. The Inheritance is required reading for anyone trying to understand American foreign policy and our place in the world.


David E. Sanger is Chief Washington Correspondent for The New York Times. His reporting on the White House and national security as received many of journalism’s highest awards, and twice he was a member of New York Times reporting teams that received the Pulitzer Prize.



The Inheritance: The World Obama Confronts and the

Challenges to American Power

By David Sanger

On-Sale: January 12, 2010 * Price: $16.00

ISBN: 978-0-307-40793-1

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