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Press Release: Careers for Your Cat by Ann Dziemianowicz

July 29th, 2010

Publicity Contact: Kara Van de Water — 510-285-2966 •

On-Sale Date: August 3, 2010


Careers For Your Cat 


Ann Dziemianowicz

Illustrated by Ann Boyajian

With ever-growing economic pressure being felt in every strata of society, more members of the household are being asked to step up and contribute. Dogs have been assisting the human labor force since the dawn of history; hunting, herding, guiding, and guarding us for millennia. But what about cats? What have they been doing between 9 and 5 while we’ve been out working to support them?

The first of its kind, Careers for Your Cat is for the free-loading fat cat who, in these thin times, needs to get out of the house and start making down payments. This comprehensive, fully-illustrated feline career guide is geared exclusively to help streamline the kitty job search and help these feckless feline freeloaders reach their potential as fully contributing members of their households.

Cat-coaching expert Ann Dziemianowicz helps kitties navigate the increasingly competitive job market by first helping them identify their skill sets. Next is a convenient, specially adapted Meowers-Briggs Personality Quiz, which is designed to provide an accurate assessment of your cat’s personality type. Are they friendly or reserved? Whimsical or serious? Self-effacing or self-confident? Ann goes on to explore an exciting variety of employment opportunities, profiling thirty-four career options that range from opera singer to landscape architect to marine biologist. Each is vivaciously illustrated with witty line drawings by Ann Boyajian. Included is a bonus section on useful interview tips for both what to do (examples: Keep tail high / Use restroom facility at home) and what not to do (examples: Do not have anything fishy to eat before the interview / Do not rub against the interviewer at anytime).

The pairing of disarmingly sophisticated artwork with deadpan commentary on feline job aptitude makes Careers for Your Cat a refreshingly irreverent tonic for tough economic times. And who knows? Perhaps your petulant Persian princess will discover she’s a Creative Extravert with a talent for interior design; maybe your tubby Tabby is an Inert Introvert destined to test products.

So help your cats land their dream jobs and let them bring home the bacon once in a while so you can sit back, relax, and take a well-earned cat nap.

ANN DZIEMIANOWICZ is a writer and feline career counselor who is dedicated to helping cats land their dream jobs. Ann’s cats have enjoyed varied careers in the fields of law enforcement (Bibsy is a private detective), culinary excellence (Fella is a restaurant pastry chef), and entertainment (Milton is a cabaret singer). She lives with her husband and three very professional felines in Bloomfield, New Jersey, and is available for interviews.

ANN BOYAJIAN is an illustrator living and working with her husband and cats in the Boston area. Her previously published books for children include Journey to the Heart: Centering Prayer for Children; O Say Can You See? America’s Symbols, Landmarks, and Important Words; and Samantha’s Friendship Fun. Ann’s elegant, sophisticated graphics reveal a wry wit, inspiration for which she attributes to her four-footed models.


Careers for Your Cat

by Ann Dziemianowicz and illustrated by Ann Boyajian

$9.99 hardcover • 96 pages •  full color illustrations throughout

6 x 7 inches •  ISBN: 978-1-58008-124-5

TEN SPEED PRESS, an imprint of the Crown Publishing Group


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