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Press Release: Eco-Sex

March 8th, 2010
Publication Date: April 2010
Publicity Contact: 510-559-1639



by Stefanie Iris Weiss


Eco-Sex will take you from book cover to sheet cover with your eco-mate, addressing everything from green dates to earth-friendly aphrodisiacs to safe, healthy sex.” —The Green Life, Sierra Club

Eco-Sex is really about better sex. In her fast-paced, engaging style, Weiss dispenses long overdue advice for leading a healthier, sexier, and greener lifestyle.”Josh Dorfman, host, The Lazy Environmentalist, Sundance Channel

A discerning, sexy and on-trend guide, ECO-SEX arrives on shelves just in time for the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.  Authored by Stefanie Iris Weiss, MA, ECO-SEX examines all the elements it takes to create a truly sustainable sex life. Looking for a red-hot thrill in the bedroom?  ECO-SEX brings a whole new meaning to the old phrase “the birds and the bees.” Recharge your passion for the environment with ECO-SEX and help inaugurate the next (and best) sexual revolution.

ECO-SEX: Go Green Between the Sheets and Make Your Love Life Sustainable opens with smart, sexy questions:

  • What’s that condom really made of?
  • Does the birth control pill do more harm than good?
  • Where can I find sex toys that won’t harm my body OR the environment?
  • How do I make sure that my lingerie is as sustainable as my locally-grown veggies?
  • Which brand of organic chocolate is equally delicious and good for the planet?
  • Why is overpopulation the environmental disaster we never talk about in public?

ECO-SEX provides even smarter answers that every ecosexual must grasp before sliding between sustainably-grown bamboo sheets.  Chock-full of reliable websites, manufacturers, and labels to look out for, ECO-SEX is a user-friendly manual covering courtship rituals, bedroom basics and eco-lifestyle choices. From greening your beauty routine to sourcing fair-trade gifts to green solutions for STDs to eco-parenting––no dirty detail is left out.  Whether you’re worried about Big Oil or trying to achieve your own Big O, ECO-SEX has the answers.

Ms. Weiss takes the guesswork out of which ingredients to avoid in cosmetics and personal care products, while exploring the dangers of “greenwashing.” Experts abound in ECO-SEX: a certified aromatherapist and natural botanical perfumer provides DIY essential oil blends for the ultimate in libido-stimulation.  Celebrity chefs share their most seductive vegan and raw recipes, and a connoisseur of seduction offers her tips on eating sensually. ECO-SEX also covers tantra, yoga positions for better sex, the best cities to find single greenies, and even sex tips for pregnant chicks. Remember, there’s nothing sexier than a clear conscience.

About the Author

Stefanie Iris Weiss, MA, is the author of nine books on topics ranging from yoga to veganism to the beauty myth.  Weiss is a regular contributor to many publications. She keeps her carbon footprint small in New York City and is available for interviews.  Learn more at and visit the blog at


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