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Press Release: A Little Bit Kinky by Dr. Natasha Janina Valdez

December 18th, 2009

A Little Bit Kinky

A Couples’ Guide to Rediscovering the Thrill of Sex

By: Dr. Natasha Janina Valdez

The word kinky brings to mind all manner of images—whipped cream, costumes, leather. Now, the word takes on an entirely new meaning in A LITTLE BIT KINKY: A Couples’ Guide to Rediscovering the Thrill of Sex (Broadway Books; on sale January 12, 2010; $11.99 trade paperback original). From one of the nation’s leading sexologists Dr. Natasha Janina Valdez, this fun and imaginative guide will reconnect lovers, renew the passion they once couldn’t live without, and help them rediscover why they fell into lust, and love, in the first place.

Based on her more than 15 years experience as a sexologist, Dr. Natasha found out what was missing from couples’ sex lives—what was desired and what was so desperately needed. According to her, kinky means so much more than what it’s made out to be. By learning ways to push the limits of their inhibitions, couples are better able to communicate and share as a unit.

A LITTLE BIT KINKY addresses all the questions that you could possibly have about sex and fun in the bedroom, including:

  • What is kinky? Kinky is about having fun with sex—introducing imagination and creativity into the bedroom, exploring something new—together. Whipped cream, suggestive underwear, or even naughty Post-It notes enable couples to break down barriers and savor true intimacy.


  • Why is kinky good for my relationship? Kinky revitalizes your relationship and solidifies your connection to your significant other. Kinky can’t be achieved without open communication, creativity, sensitivity, and commitment to intimacy—all necessary ingredients for a successful long-term relationship.


  • Who is kinky for? Everyone. It’s for those couples who have been together for years, singles wanting to learn how to be better lovers, or new couples just getting started—anyone wanting to find unique ways to spice things up in the bedroom.


  •  How kinky do I have to get? As kinky as you want. No matter what your skill, experience, or kink level is, there’s always something fresh and exciting to be found, from the Slightly Kinky to the Kinkiest.

Broken down into “naughty nibbles” and easy-to-read, manageable sections ranging from slightly kinky to the kinkiest, this guide even has a resource section that shows how to discreetly obtain all the lotions, potions, visuals, props, and notions suggested in each chapter. Tantalizing teases, sexual positions, foods that heighten sensuality, fantasy, role-play, visuals—A LITTLE BIT KINKY has it all. Start a naked pillow fight, introduce chocolate sauce into foreplay, reclaim the passion of truly explosive sex, and savor true intimacy. Now, with just a little effort and imagination, kinky means opening a door to new possibilities and healthier relationships.

For more information please visit Dr. Natasha’s website.

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Dr. Natasha Janina Valdez is a successful sex therapist, clinical sexologist, and former radio host with a doctorate in human sexuality. She has counseled thousands of couples over the years through her own radio show as well as on programs like The Howard Stern Show. She has written for many national publications and has sold more than 100,000 copies of her instructional DVDs. Please feel free to visit Dr. Natasha’s website,

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A Couples’ Guide to Rediscovering the Thrill of Sex

By Dr. Natasha Janina Valdez

On sale January 12, 2010 

    Broadway Books, Trade  Paperback, $11.99

ISBN: 978-0-7679-3244-8

Also available as an e-book  

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