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Press Release: A Life of Being, Having, and Doing Enough by Wayne Muller

March 19th, 2010


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From the bestselling author of Sabbath and Legacy of the Heart, a bold newbook that calls for the reclamation of an unhurried, deeply sufficient life and answers this most pressing question:
How do we know what is enough?




By Wayne Muller


As the pace of life quickens and the economic crisis deepens, people feel exhausted, overwhelmed, unhappy, and afraid. Many are losing treasured possessions, while others are losing jobs, health, and vitality. As we feel ourselves drowning under the impossible multiplication of activities, responsibilities, deadlines and requirements we all but abandon the pursuit of happiness and peace. But what if we already have enough?


In his bold new book A LIFE OF BEING, HAVING, AND DOING ENOUGH (Harmony Books, April 13, 2010) spiritual mentor, philanthropist, community organizer, minister and bestselling author Wayne Muller (his Legacy of the Heart was featured on Oprah, PBS, and CNN) tackles the questions that are facing many people today. What is, for me, my most sufficient offering each day? How do I know what is my authentic sense of sufficiency? Am I following the path of my deepest happiness?


A LIFE OF BEING, HAVING, AND DOING ENOUGH is a rigorous challenge to a culture whose theology of striving for more and pushing to be richer has failed to fulfill its promise of comfort and ease. As Muller states, we have forgotten what enough feels like. “We live in a world seduced by its own unlimited potential. We are driven by a presumptive grandiosity that any economic, social, or political limitations can seemingly be overcome with more speed or technology.” But our limitations remain constant. No matter how strong our intentions, we find that “the finish line seems farther away, the bar keeps rising, nothing is ever finished, nothing good enough.”


Why are we so unwilling to stop, be still, or allow whatever we have done to feel sufficient for the day? Is it guilt from our spouse that we might not be carrying our weight or are we worried our colleagues might think we aren’t being team players? It is ingrained in our culture that if we work harder and longer we’ll cross everything off our to-do lists and finish on time without any mistakes. But this moment never arrives. Without permission from our culture, workplace, or community, how can we know when it is time to stop and know that what we have done is enough? We need to begin with ourselves. As Muller says, “Enough is ultimately an inside job.”


Just as he did in Sabbath, his hugely popular book on the importance of rest and reflection, Muller leads readers on a journey to reconnect with the environment and the essential self, so that they can choose to liberate themselves from the binds of exhaustion, discouragement, disappointment, powerlessness and fear, and refocus their energies on true fulfillment, happiness, and joy. Ultimately, A LIFE OF BEING, HAVING, AND DOING ENOUGH invites readers to explore what for them is authentically enough, what feels genuinely sufficient in each moment, informed by their intuition and essential wisdom so that they can begin to forge for themselves a life of natural ease.

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About the Author:

Wayne Muller is a spiritual mentor, public speaker, minister, and bestselling author. He is the author of Legacy of the Heart; How, Then, Shall We Live?; Sabbath; and Learning to Pray. He is the founder of Bread for the Journey, a nonprofit organization that supports community organizing and ordinary people who engage in neighborhood philanthropy. He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his wife Kelly. They have four unimaginably unique children. 




By Wayne Muller

Harmony Books * April 13, 2010 * Pages: 256

Price: $25.00 hardcover * 978-0-307-59002-2

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