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Press Release: Gold Medal Fitness by Dara Torres

May 6th, 2010

Olympic Champion DARA TORRES Shares Her Secrets for Getting in Shape and Shows You How to Tighten Your Abs, Trim Your Waistline, and Tone Your Muscles … At Any Age



A Revolutionay 5-Week Program

By Dara Torres

with Billie Fitzpatrick

“I hope these workouts inspire you to make fitness part of your life’s priorities. I know they can give you the tools to achieve anything your heart desires. Now go for it!”

– Dara Torres

Dara Torres holds three world records in swimming and has twelve Olympic medals. She’s as strong as can be and continues to redefine established wisdom about staying in shape at any age. Now, she shares her exercise and nutrition tips in GOLD MEDAL FITNESS (Broadway Books, On sale May 4, 2010; $25.99 hardcover), a revolutionary 5-week program that will tighten, trim, and tone your body.   

Dara understands that being fit doesn’t mean focusing on one part of your body or a group of muscles but rather is a full-body experience and approach. She emphasizes a complete body workout and has created a program that incorporates strength training, cardio, resistance stretching, recovery and nutrition. Her unique workout plan, adapted for you, will tone and elongate your muscles, leaving you with a perfectly sculpted and slender shape as well as increased energy.

In GOLD MEDAL FITNESS Dara breaks down each workout element so that it is easily understood and replicated. She takes you step-by-step through a nutrition plan to prepare for workouts, walks you through the strengthening and stretching exercises, including Ki-Hara, which is a method of resistance stretching that has literally transformed her body. She also gives you hints and tips (“Torres Tips”) on how to enjoy your cardiovascular activities, shares her wisdom about rest and recovery and why it is essential for your body as you’re training and how to refuel your body post-workout. And finally, Dara shows you how to put it all together to create a workout program that fits in with your busy life. Each element is designed specifically with flexibility and efficiency in mind:

Nutrition – Dara’s food suggestions are simple yet delicious and the plan is flexible enough to allow you to incorporate it into your every day eating habits. Her meal plan includes a healthy balance of the main food groups and a guide to which supplements you should take.

Strength – Dara shows how an exercise should be performed with careful focus on proper alignment and awareness of deficiencies and imbalances. Five groups of three exercises each enable you to strengthen your core, legs and arms while maximizing your efficiency, alignment and stability.

Stretching – The Ki-Hara method of resistance stretching is designed to make you feel balanced. It targets areas of the body that you are aware need stretching as well as those that you may not notice. The result is a feeling of being fully stretched and loose.

Cardio – Incorporate cardio into your weekly workout regimen and improve your approach to aerobic fitness. With Dara’s tips and ideas you won’t be bored or dread exercising.

Recovery – The key to your performance, recovery time allows muscles the rest needed to avoid injury and build strength. You will feel more balanced and more energetic and experience overall well-being.

Whether you want to lose those last ten pounds or get back into a sport that you used to love, GOLD MEDAL FITNESS will produce the results that you want, reignite how you feel in your own skin, and help you adopt a healthier lifestyle. Not only will it provide the nuts and bolts of how to achieve a great body at any age, but will provide enough inspiration for anyone to do what it takes to get there.

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Dara Torres has set three world records and has brought home twelve Olympic medals, including four golds. She is the first American swimmer to have competed in five Olympics, in 1984, 1988, 1992, 2000, and 2008. Most recently, she won three silver medals in the Beijing Olympic Games. She lives in Florida.


By Dara Torres with Billie Fitzpatrick
Broadway Books • Hardcover
ISBN 978-0-7679-3194-6 • $25.99
On sale May 4, 2010

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