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Press Release: A Taste For Absinthe by R. Winston Guthrie & James F. Thompson

October 27th, 2010



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For the avid cocktail enthusiast, or anyone curious about the Green Fairy, comes the ultimate book of information that will finally clear the air on the truth of the mysterious elixir that has haunted the spirits world for years.



65 Recipes for Classic

and Contemporary Cocktails


By R. Winston Guthrie

with James F. Thompson

Photography by Liza Gershman


 Finally free of a nearly century-long ban, absinthe is back and quickly climbing to the fame that it enjoyed in the early 19th and 20th centuries, when it was the muse of famous artists and writers. Not only is real absinthe now legal to sell and serve, but the first American-made and imported absinthes have debuted in the market and are being snatched up by enthusiasts and bartenders who are clamoring to experience this enigmatic drink. In A TASTE FOR ABSINTHE (Clarkson Potter/Publishers; September 21, 2010; $24.99 hardcover), readers will discover the rich history of this mysterious elixir and 65 cocktail recipes from the hottest bartenders from across the country, including Brian Miller of New York’s Death + Co.—voted Best American Cocktail Bar 2010, Jeff Hollinger of San Francisco’s Absinthe Brasserie and Bar, Eric Alperin of L.A.’s Varnish, and Erik Adkins of San Francisco’s Slanted Door and Heavens Dog.


Author and absinthe expert R. Winston Guthrie is the creator of and writer behind the most visited website on absinthe, His new book, A TASTE FOR ABSINTHE, brings readers the very best and most creative absinthe cocktails from around the nation via the country’s master mixologists who are pushing the envelope with their craft, utilizing absinthe in revived pre-ban drinks and brand-new combinations. With insight from leading industry experts, simple instructions, and beautiful color photography, this book is a wonderful guide to adding absinthe to your own bar and mixing expert drinks at home. Creative cocktails featured in the book include:


  • Bitter End: The name of this cocktail—created by Josh Harris, cofounder of the Bon Vivants in San Francisco—comes from its citrus flavors. It starts out sweet, tart, citrusy, and then, as you get to the bottom, the drink becomes more aggressively bitter.


  • A Salute to the Sazerac: Award-winning bartender Jim Meehan reworked the famous New Orleans classic for PDT, a cocktail lounge in New York City. Most likely named after a defunct brand of Cognac called Sazerac de Forge et Fils, this drink nowadays typically uses rye whiskey as its base.


  • The Hobnob: “Hobnob is an archaic word that means “to drink socially.” A hob is also a mischievous fairy, playing on the idea of absinthe as the Green Fairy. Jonathan Henson of Press Restaurant in Napa Valley added grapefruit zest and lime zest to this recipe to enhance the flavors of the absinthe.


  • Appetizer L’Italienne: This recipe from John Gertsen of Drink in Boston has a distinct Italian influence from the sweet vermouth and the Fernet Branca. These flavors blend to offer a sense of old Italy full of earthly textures and balanced flavors.




More than just a recipe book, A TASTE FOR ABSINTHE has plenty of information on absinthe’s rich history, tips for buying and using accoutrements like absinthe glasses and spoons, a how-to on executing your own absinthe drip, and a guide to the best-quality absinthe (both imported or domestic). For the absinthe enthusiast or anyone who wants to learn how to make a delicious drink in his or her own home, A TASTE FOR ABSINTHE is the ultimate book on the world’s most mysterious spirit.



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About the Authors:

R. WINSTON GUTHRIE is an absinthe expert and founder of the popular website, which is the premier source for information about the drink, including tips on what to buy and how to find absinthe accessories such as glasses and spoons. He developed a passion for absinthe while pursuing his interests in the history of spirited beverages.  He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife.


JAMES F. THOMPSON is a New York–based writer and editor. He has as an extensive publishing background that spans books, travel guides, print magazines, and various online publications.



LIZA GERSHMAN is a freelance photographer and writer, Bay Area native, and expert world-traveler. Her work has been featured in Outside Magazine, SF Gate, San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle PI, Tasting Panel Magazine, C Magazine, Marin Magazine, 7×7, Drink Me, the Tasting Table, San Francisco Entertains, Daily Candy and Fairfield County Look to name a few.


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65 Recipes for Classic and Contemporary Cocktails

By R. Winston Guthrie with James F. Thompson

Photographs by Liza Gershman

Clarkson Potter/Publishers

 September 21, 2010 • $24.99 • ISBN: 978-0-307-58753-4

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