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Press Release: Barefoot Running by Michael Sandler

August 29th, 2011

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The best prescriptive guide on the cutting edge and

hugely popular “barefoot running” technique.


Author details his journey from near fatal accident to

barefoot marathon runner.


How to Run Light and Free By Getting

in Touch with the Earth

By Michael Sandler

with Jessica Lee



 With a special note from Barefoot Ted

 Barefoot running is now a multi-million dollar industry. Minimalist or lightweight shoes, according to Bloomberg, now account for 9 percent of the market, with more than $24 million in sales so far this year. The increasing trend toward less shoe, according to SportsOneSource, is accounting for virtually all the growth in the $6 billion running market.

 Now we have the definitive guide for beginners or longtime runners.

BAREFOOT RUNNING: How to Run Light and Free by Getting in Touch with the Earth (Three Rivers Press, Paperback Original, September 20) is written by Michael Sandler with Jessica Lee, who are co-founders of RunBare LLC, a company devoted to educating people on the health and  wellness benefits of barefoot running.

Scientists, doctors and podiatrists have all argued compellingly for this exercise. An inspirational and comprehensive guide to this groundbreaking and increasingly popular technique, BAREFOOT RUNNING shows readers how to shed their heavy restrictive running shoes and approach barefoot running safely and effectively, without injury. Sandler helps readers overcome any concerns they may have about losing their beloved running shoes; for the record, Sandler says traditional running shoes promote bad form which is high-impact and heel-centric and therefore weakens your feet, knees and hips. In contrast, barefoot running is low-impact, forefoot-centric and promotes good form—which enhances stability and adaptability while strengthening your legs and feet.

 Sandler explores every aspect of barefoot running in this comprehensive guide, including:

  • Overcoming any inhibitions about running barefoot.
  • The pros and cons of barefoot running and running in shoes.
  • Maintaining your feet after the first few runs—tips and tools.
  • Barefoot running for children—fitness benefits for children, dangers of footwear at a young age, ideas for playtime barefoot activities.
  • Barefoot/minimalist shoes and other essential gear.
  • Barefoot running benefits for seniors.
  • Nutrition tips.
  • Running in heat or the cold.
  • Running on any surface.

In addition, BAREFOOT RUNNING chronicles Michael Sandler’s remarkable journey from his recovery after a near fatal skating accident in 2006, when doctors told him he would never run again, to his current practice of running 10 to 20 miles a day barefoot.

Sandler and co-author Jessica Lee travel and speak around the world, teaching people how to rediscover the joy of exercise through barefoot running. For anyone looking to make a healthy lifestyle change, this is a great first step.

 Sandler’s easy-to-follow guide will even have veteran runners shedding their shoes. 



 Michael Sandler is a barefoot running and walking expert who has coached athletes professionally for nearly twenty years. After a near-death experience left him with a titanium femur and hip, Sandler was told he could never run again. It was only by going barefoot and feeling the ground that he began to heal. He now runs 10 to 20 miles a day, pain free.

 Jessica Lee experienced nagging knee pain and hated running until the day she went barefoot. Now she helps women of all abilities experience the joy of running light and free. Both Sandler and Lee live in Boulder, Colorado.


How to Run Light and Free By Getting in Touch with the Earth

By Michael Sandler

with Jessica Lee

Published by Three Rivers Press

On sale September 20, 2011

 ISBN: 978-0-307-98593-4 * Price: $16.99 * Trade Paperback Original

 Also available as an eBook.

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