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Uncorked: My Journey Through the Crazy World of Wine by Marco Pasanella

Uncorked: My Journey Through the Crazy World of Wine by Marco Pasanella
  • On sale: January 1, 1970
  • Price: $
  • ISBN: 9780307719843
Contact: Anna Mintz

“Pasanella’s clear-eyed memoir is a joy to read from beginning to end.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Overflowing with stories of local downtown Manhattan history and politics intermingled with charming recollections of the author’s time in Italy, his narrative is far more than a retrospective on building a wine shop business, which should appeal to anyone interested in the history and personality of New York, regardless of their opinion on wine or retail. . . . In the end, Pasanella conveys the real work behind making pipe dreams come true.” —Publishers Weekly  

Uncorked: My Journey Through the Crazy World of Wine (Clarkson Potter; on sale May 22, 2012) by Marco Pasanella is the enchanting and sometimes comical story of one man who decided, in his early forties, to change his life by opening a wineshop—an act that many dream about but few actually carry out. As Kitchen Confidential and Waiter Rant explored the front and back of the house at restaurants, Uncorked offers a peek behind the curtain of the wine world.

Pasanella takes the reader into the underbelly of his store and the industry, which is steeped in history yet fanatical about technology and brimming with larger-than-life personalities—from eccentric wine producers and buxom sales reps to swaggering distributors and wheeler-dealer attorneys. Infused with rich details of his historic waterfront building in New York City and his sojourns to Tuscany, Pasanella’s memoir takes readers on a fascinating journey through the birth, evolution, and daily life of Pasanella and Son Vintners.

Featuring ten rustic recipes interspersed throughout the story, and a handy appendix that sheds light on wine misconceptions, strange wine lingo, tasting tips, toasts, and more, Uncorked will captivate wine lovers and neophytes alike.

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“Facing the East River, not far from the amazing Brooklyn Bridge, is one of New York’s most unique wine stores. Pasanella & Son is the charming and evocative brainchild of Marco Pasanella. Marco is extremely knowledgeable about wines: how they taste, how they are made, and how they are bottled. The story he tells in Uncorked is much more than what wine to pair with what, and everyone interested in enjoying an excellent glass of wine should read his book.” —Martha Stewart

“In this memoir about family, love, wine, and Italy, Marco shares how he reinvented his life—from designer to wineshop owner—and discovered what’s really important. The book is filled with portraits of the wild and crazy characters you find in the food and wine business. It’s also filled with real wisdom. If you’ve ever thought about changing course and taking a big leap to follow your passion, then Uncorked is a must-read.” —Rocco DiSpirito, author of Now Eat This!

MARCO PASANELLA is the proprietor of Pasanella and Son Vintners, which opened in the South Street Seaport area of Manhattan in 2005. The shop has been included in top-ten lists in New York magazine and the Village Voice, and has received praise in Food & Wine, Elle, and Blueprint. Previously Pasanella designed hotels, including the Maritime in New York, and his furniture and houseware designs are on display at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. A graduate of Yale University, he taught for thirteen years at the Parsons School of Design. A former columnist for the New York Times, he has also been featured in and has written for numerous publications, including Esquire, GQ, Vogue, and Vanity Fair.

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