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Jersey Shore Star Vinny Guadagnino to Share His Battle With Generalized Anxiety Disorder in Book, Control The Crazy, Set for April 17, 2012 Publication by Crown Archetype

Practical Guide Will Offer a Drug-free Program for Dealing with Stress and Anxiety

Jersey Shore Star Vinny Guadagnino to Share His Battle With Generalized Anxiety Disorder in Book, Control The Crazy, Set for April 17, 2012 Publication by Crown Archetype
  • On sale: January 1, 1970
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  • ISBN: 9780307987242
Contact: Tammy Blake

Vinny Guadagnino, a star of MTV’s top rated reality television series, Jersey Shore, will explain his decision to go public about his generalized anxiety disorder and present his practical, drug-free program for managing emotional stress in a new book set for publication on April 17, 2012.  Titled Control the Crazy: My Plan to Stop Stressing, Avoid Drama and Maintain Your Inner Cool, Guadagnino’s book will be issued simultaneously in print and digital formats in the U.S. and Canada by Crown Archetype, an imprint of the Crown Publishing Group at Random House, Inc.

Known as “the normal guy” and the “voice of reason” on the popular MTV series, Guadagnino will discuss in Control the Crazy the secret that he kept from his family, friends, and fans for more than a decade:  that he’s not as carefree and stress-free as he appears, and that he suffers from generalized anxiety order with panic attacks, a debilitating condition that affects more than 20 million people in the United States alone. A mix of memoir and practical advice, Guadagnino shares things that he’s never shared before, even on the show.  Throughout his teens, Guadagnino experienced devastating panic attacks that forced him to move home from college and that tormented him during the first season of Jersey Shore. After fleeing the set during the filming of the currently-airing fifth season of the show, he realized he could no longer keep his problems to himself.

Said Guadagnino, “I have a pretty serious condition, but I’ve spent the past three years taking charge of my anxiety and panic attacks and have developed a step-by-step program that has saved my sanity, my job, and my life, and that I still use every day, on and off camera. By sharing my own story and providing others with practical tools for gaining control over their lives, their bodies, and their minds, I’m making it my mission to help anyone who feels overwhelmed by life or who suffers from anxiety and stress.”

The deal was announced today by Tina Constable, Senior Vice President and Publisher of Crown Archetype. Mary Choteborsky, Editor, acquired North American, electronic, audio, and first serial rights from Yfat Reiss Gendell at Foundry Literary + Media and will edit the book.

Said Tina Constable, “Vinny is passionate about wanting to help sufferers like himself. His story of how he confronted his own demons head-on is compelling and will grab fans and non-fans alike. And readers will feel empowered and uplifted by Vinny’s treatment of the subject of chronic stress and anxiety that plagues so many people.”

Vinny Guadagnino was born and raised in Staten Island, New York, and comes from a traditional Italian-American family.  He graduated from CUNY College of Staten Island with honors and was a political aide for a State Assemblyman before joining Jersey Shore in 2009. Currently in its fifth season, the show is MTV’s top-rated series of all time. When he’s not appearing on reality and scripted television, Vinny focuses on pro-social issues. He’s an ambassador for MTV’s “A Thin Line” campaign to prevent digital bullying; has supported MTV’s “GYT,” Get Yourself Tested campaign to encourage sexually active young people to get tested for STDs; and is a regular contributor to MTV Act, a blog that highlights young people, celebrities, and organizations that take positive social action. Additionally, he’s a spokesperson for The Jed Foundation, which works to protect the emotional health of teenagers and college students. View his webpage at: for information and resources regarding anxiety and stress. He’s also affiliated with and lends support to the “It Gets Better Project,” GLAAD, and

The parent company of Random House, Inc. is Bertelsmann AG.

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