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Great Tastes by Danielle Kosann and Laura Kosann

Cooking (and Eating) from Morning to Midnight

Great Tastes by Danielle Kosann and Laura Kosann

Great Tastes

Danielle Kosann and Laura Kosann
  • Imprint: Clarkson Potter
  • On sale: April 10, 2018
  • Price: $25.00
  • Pages: 224
  • ISBN: 9780553496376

Danielle and Laura Kosann have always loved cooking and eating out. But for them, it was never just about the food. It also meant the outfits they wore to dinner, the decor of the restaurant, and the guest list at their dinner party. With inherent interests in fashion, design, media, and celebrity, they realized nobody was ever looking at these categories through the lens of food. Why weren’t people being asked about what they were eating the way they were being asked about their style, their careers, or their dating lives?

In launching the popular website The New Potato, Danielle and Laura not only got to talk about food all the time, but they also collected a trove of hilarious experiences in brushing elbows with celebrities from all walks of life. Now, their debut cookbook, GREAT TASTES: Cooking (and Eating) from Morning to Midnight (Clarkson Potter | on sale April 10, 2018 | $25.00), brings together those antics and anecdotes with 85 original recipes that anyone can make, as long as they’re hungry and have a kitchen. Lime-Blueberry Pancakes? Stack ’em. Sweet Pea Carbonara? Give it a twirl. Then finish the night off with a Bourbon Chai.

Peppered with Danielle and Laura’s relatable and laugh-out-loud funny essays (like trying to hand Katie Couric homemade peanut butter in a moving vehicle or not knowing whether to stand or sit with Martha Stewart,) GREAT TASTES is the ultimate mix of food and lifestyle. Pull up a chair, have a bite, and get ready for some great stories on the side.

Danielle and Laura Kosann used their combined experience to create an online magazine that presents the world through the lens of food: The New Potato. They actively blur the lines of food, fashion, and media, proving that such industries are not mutually exclusive. They have been featured everywhere from Access Hollywood to Vogue to Instyle to New York Magazine and have partnered with brands such as Tiffany & Co., Williams Sonoma, and Nespresso.

Great Tastes: Cooking (and Eating) from Morning to Midnight
ISBN: 9780553496376; on sale April 10, 2018; $25.00; Hardcover


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