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A Graphic History of Sport

By Andrew Janik

A Graphic History of Sport

A Graphic History of Sport

Andrew Janik
  • Imprint: Clarkson Potter
  • On sale: February 28, 2017
  • Price: $15.99
  • Pages: 112
  • ISBN: 9781101906996
Contact: Natasha Martin

A Graphic History of Sport: An Illustrated Chronicle of the Greatest Wins, Misses, and Matchups from the Games We Love (Clarkson Potter; on-sale February 28, 2017; $15.99) presents 52 unforgettable touchstones from sports history that spring from the page in a series of illustrations filled with subtle wit and a modern aesthetic design. The unforgettable plays and over-the-top personalities, the heated rivalries and storied dynasties—all come to vivid life in illustrator Andrew Janik’s survey of the weird and wonderful world of athletic competition.

From classic boxing matchups like Clay vs. Liston to legendary coaches like Tom Landry to tennis Grand Slam winner Steffi Graf, this book is the perfect gift for the sports fan who loves smart reporting. Complete with detailed historic overviews and surprising stats and trivia, A Graphic History of Sport captures a true sports fan’s delight in the games we love to love and the players we love to hate.

Andrew Janik is a Brooklyn-based graphic designer and illustrator and the creator of the Instagram account @lessonsinsport.

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