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Bombshell by Suzanne Somers

Explosive medical secrets that will redefine aging from the author of the New York Times bestseller Sexy Forever

Bombshell by Suzanne Somers
  • On sale: January 1, 1970
  • Price: $
  • ISBN: 9780307588548
Contact: Annsley Rosner

“There is a whole new way to age. I’m sixty-five and I feel great. I’m happy, healthy, I have energy, and my bones are strong. I have perfect memory, and best of all, I have a sex drive!”

—Suzanne Somers

Last August, Suzanne Somers, one of America’s most informed and passionate health care advocates and a breast cancer survivor, became the first woman in America to have a breast regrown using her own stem cells in a new clinical trial. In her series of New York Times bestsellers, she has underscored the multiple and continually emerging benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to turn back the clock on aging.

Now, in her groundbreaking new book, BOMBSHELL: Explosive Medical Secrets That Will Redefine Aging (Crown Archetype; May 8, 2012; $26.00 hardcover), Suzanne Somers redefines aging as we know it. Blasting beyond anti-aging, she takes us to the next step, revealing a brand-new approach to embracing and enjoying aging.

Suzanne makes aging aspirational, living with great health and great looks, disease-free, and with robust energy. She shares a fresh new plan for aging well. You are never too young or too old to take advantage of these strategies, and one thing is very clear; the old model of a nursing home as the inevitable destination is out, for good.

Suzanne interviews medicine’s best and brightest pioneers to craft a plan that will reshape the way we treat, approach, and think about aging. She discusses how to avoid catastrophic events such as heart attacks, crippling autoimmune diseases, and cancer and how we can revitalize our bodies by rejuvenating our weakest organs and glands. She also discusses telomeres—the little tails located on the ends of each human cell that act as the aging clock for nearly every cell in our bodies—and supplements that may hold the secret to extreme longevity, and more.
In BOMBSHELL, Suzanne talks to cutting-edge physicians about the new choices available and the medical Bombshells that will change our lives, including:

  • How stem cell procedures, using one’s own adult stem cells, can be used to prevent disease and even regrow body parts, and how Suzanne’s own breast was regrown after cancer with no implant in the first clinical trial of its kind in the United States;
  • Dr. Garry Gordon on the natural, effective nonsurgical alternative to bypass surgery;
  • Dr. Michael Galitzer on how to preserve your bones, help your body rebuild its bones, and the vital minerals besides calcium that you need to know about, like the key nutrient vitamin K2, to protect against deadly soft tissue calcification;
  • Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, Harvard Medical School faculty member who turns current medical thinking on its ear, on his groundbreaking use of testosterone for halting and in some cases regressing active prostate cancer;
  • Dr. Prudence Hall, renowned gynecologist, on the secrets to stimulating a stalled sex drive and the hormone for men and women that makes orgasms stronger and more frequent throughout life;
  • Famed futurist Ray Kurzweil, called “the ultimate thinking machine” by Forbes, on nanobots, blood-cell-size injectable “robots” that are being developed to roam through our bodies, and might turn off a gene that promotes Alzheimer’s, fix the trigger that promotes diabetes, or target cancer stem cells, making these diseases obsolete;
  • The new role of non-drug nanotechnology for pain, energy, and detoxification;
  • How the “cure” to cancer might be just around the corner in combatting it at the source with injections of human, cancer-resistant white blood cells;
  • Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski on how we can keep the genetic switches that protect us from getting cancer turned on;
  • How a supplement to regrow telomeres at a cellular level can restore the human body to a younger internal age and reverse signs of aging such as disease, baldness, wrinkles, and loss of hearing and eyesight. And it’s available now!

A must-read for every thinking person from age thirty and up, BOMBSHELL is empowering and game changing. Filled with valuable information you won’t get anywhere else, BOMBSHELL also includes Suzanne’s BOMBSHELL Age Reversal Plan, 18 Age-Reversing Ideas to Consider, and Advanced Age Reversal Techniques. Any one of these techniques will help you live longer and better. With Suzanne Somers’s BOMBSHELL, we can pick the treatments and techniques to begin our youthful journey right now.

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