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Say Bonjour to the Lady

By Florence Mars and Pauline Lévêque

Say Bonjour to the Lady
  • On sale: January 1, 1970
  • Price: $
  • ISBN: 9780451495013
Contact: Erica Gelbard

Advance Praise for Say Bonjour to the Lady:

“In the tradition of Bringing Up Bébé and French Women Don’t Get Fat, Say Bonjour to the Lady is a hilarious, spot-on dissection of French versus American parenting styles. And a Frenchwoman would never use the term ‘parenting’! Mon dieu!” —Amy Sohn, author of Prospect Park West

“This is so fun and—even with its slight exaggerations—so true. It made me laugh out loud while also considering how we raise kids today. Hilarious for adults and with sweet illustrations everyone will enjoy, Say Bonjour to the Lady is perfect to give to fellow parents and for moms and dads to read with their children.” —Mimi Thorisson, author of French Country Cooking

“I love this book, having spent so much time in France! Finally someone shows the difference in how we are raised and educated in such a beautiful and fun way!” —Kelly Rutherford 

“When talent, humor, and sheer elegance marry into a delightful book on the intricate differences of educating children on both sides of the Atlantic . . . Irresistible.” —Cécilia Attias


When it comes to parenting, Parisians and New Yorkers could not be more different. A charmingly illustrated guide to child-rearing, Say Bonjour to the Lady: Parenting from Paris to New York (Clarkson Potter; $19.99; on-sale March 21, 2017) pokes fun at the extremes of both approaches, while celebrating two of the greatest cities in the world.

Author Florence Mars stands by her traditional French upbringing, whereas Pauline Lévêque has embraced a looser, more American style of parenting. Say Bonjour to the Lady playfully compares the two styles, touching upon areas such as style and beauty, baby years, and discipline. Where French parents rely heavily on the word “No” and dictate what their children wear, American moms and dads talk everything out with their kids and let them choose their own clothes. French children are well-behaved and stylish; American children are self-confident and creative. Despite their differences, Mars and Lévêque agree on one thing: if they were raising their kids together, they’d be perfect!

Beautifully and playfully illustrated by Lévêque, Say Bonjour to the Lady is as appealing for its artwork as it is for its gentle satire of parenting today.


FLORENCE MARS is the president of the high-end French children’s fashion line Bonpoint in the United States. She has also worked at Louis Vuitton and L’Oréal and was a producer for Elephant and RadicalMedia. She lives with her husband and their three children in Brooklyn, New York. PAULINE LÉVÊQUE is a journalist turned illustrator and the creator of the Beep Beep children’s book series. She lives with her husband and their two children in Manhattan.


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