One Soldier’s Story

“A story of hope and resilience, and a reminder that no matter what life may throw at us, as Travis says, as long as we ‘Never Give Up, Never Quit’, we can achieve anything we set our hearts and minds to. He is quite simply a great American and an example for us all.”
– Gary Sinise, Actor, Director, Veterans Advocate and founder of Gary Sinise Foundation


“This book exemplifies the qualities that made Travis an outstanding soldier: it is gutsy and honest, filled with humor even in the darkest moments, and always driven by a love for both family and country.”
– Troy Aikman, NFL Hall of Fame quarterback


“The problem with guys like Travis is they make guys like me look like lazy whiners. What this man did for our country is heroic. What he sacrificed is unimaginable. And what he’s written is simply unforgettable. Read it. I promise you’ll feel better about whatever ails you.”
– Mike Rowe, TV host, writer, narrator, producer, and actor



Tough as They Come Jacket with Border


“People often refer to me as a ‘wounded warrior,’ but I’m no longer wounded. I’m just a man with scars living life to the fullest and best I know how.”   —U.S. Army Staff Sergeant (Ret.) Travis Mills

Thousands have been wounded in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Five have survived quadruple amputee injuries. In TOUGH AS THEY COME (written with Marcus Brotherton, foreword by Gary Sinise; Convergent Books, on sale October 27), U.S. Army Staff Sergeant (Ret.) Travis Mills shares his unique story.

Thousands of soldiers die every year to defend their country. United States Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills was sure that he would become another statistic when, during his third tour of duty in Afghanistan, he was caught in an IED blast four days before his twenty-fifth birthday. Against the odds, he lived, but at a severe cost—Travis became one of only five soldiers from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to survive a quadruple amputation.

Suddenly forced to reconcile with the fact that he no longer had arms or legs, Travis was faced with a future drastically different from the one he had imagined for himself. He would never again be able to lead his squad, stroke his fingers against his wife’s cheek, or pick up his infant daughter.

Travis struggled through the painful and anxious days of rehabilitation so that he could regain the strength to live his life to the fullest. With enormous willpower and endurance, the unconditional love of his family, and a generous amount of faith, Travis overcame the odds. “The quest to succeed in the army had always been a challenge for me. My situation now as a quadruple amputee held out the same sort of dare to succeed. For higher reasons I would never know, I was being called to walk a new and unknown pathway.” And so began Travis’s arduous and miraculous journey of recovery—of his life, his faith, and himself.





Thirteen surgeries and hundreds of hours of rehabilitation later (it took a solid week of therapy just to learn how to sit up again), U.S. Army Staff Sergeant (Ret.) Travis Mills can walk, drive, dance, skydive, hold his wife’s hand and fix his daughter’s breakfast. He now spends his time counseling others with similar injuries, giving motivational speeches at churches and corporations, and working for the Travis Mills Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to showing wounded veterans and their families that they can overcome their physical and emotional challenges and find new purpose. To learn more about Travis and his foundation, go to www.travismills.org.

Marcus Brotherton is a journalist and professional writer, known internationally for his literary collaborations with high-profile public figures, humanitarians, inspirational leaders, and military personnel. He is the author of the national bestsellers A Company of Heroes, We Who Are Alive and Remain, and the coauthor of Call of Duty with Lieutenant Lynn “Buck” Compton.

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