Sprouted Kitchen food blogger Sara Forte talks about entertaining and shares her recipes

The Sprouted Kitchen showcases 100 tempting recipes that take advantage of fresh produce, whole grains, lean proteins, and natural sweeteners from Sara Forte and Hugh Forte

The Sprouted Kitchen features 100 of food blogger Sara Forte’s most mouthwatering recipes. Richly illustrated by her photographer husband, Hugh Forte, this bright, vivid book celebrates the simple beauty of seasonal foods with original recipes—plus a few favorites from her popular Sprouted Kitchen food blog tossed in for good measure.

Sara is a food-loving, wellness-craving veggie enthusiast who relishes sharing a wholesome meal with friends and family. She loves communal meals and as summer is coming to a close, Sara shares tips for transitioning between summer and fall entertaining.

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By Sara Forte

The summer months have encouraged habits of being outside and eating with friends. We’d meet for an easy picnic at the park above the beach after work with chopped salads or wrapped sandwiches, or grill in the backyard after the beach on Sundays. The weather is warm and being outside and eating together became assumed. As fall rolls in and the sun begins to set earlier, I don’t want the communal meals to end.

By being the host, it does not mean you must provide the full dinner for everyone, holing up in the kitchen all day. People like to contribute and share at the table. I find that by setting the main course, it’s easy to let friends fill in for the sides and dessert. Or even assign them a specific recipe so they don’t have to over think it. I will invite friends over for tacos, and someone will bring a side of beans, another a green salad and someone else brings a sweet to share. It’s nice to have an easy appetizer out such as a simple cheese plate with crackers and nuts, or some fresh cut veggies with a few different dips. Everyone brings a bottle of wine or beer to share and a meal in good company is not forgotten. Below is a sample menu from our recent SPROUTED KITCHEN cookbook, to transition from those summer to fall dinner parties.

When it turns out easy to throw together and provides little inconvenience, the habits of eating together stay intact after the warm summer nights have passed.

Cheers to sharing the table with family & friends.

Recipes and Excerpt from The Sprouted Kitchen by Sara Forte and Hugh Forte

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