Recipe from Sarah Wilson’s New Cookbook

This recipe for Raspberry Ripple proves eliminating sugar doesn't have to mean your taste buds will get bored

Sarah Wilson thought of herself as a relatively healthy eater. She didn’t realize how much sugar was hidden in her diet, or how much it was affecting her well-being. When she learned that her sugar consumption could be the source of a lifetime of mood swings, fluctuating weight, sleep problems, and thyroid disease, she knew she had to make a change.

What started as an experiment to eliminate sugar–both the obvious and the hidden kinds–soon became a way of life. I Quit Sugar makes it easy to kick the habit for good, lose weight, and feel better than ever before. When you are nourished with delicious meals and treats, you won’t miss the sugar for an instant.

Try this tasty recipe for Raspberry Ripple from Sarah Wilson now:



1/3 cup frozen raspberries
1/3 cup unsweetened shredded coconut (or coconut flakes for a chunkier version)
1/3 cup coconut oil
5 tablespoons salted butter
2 tablespoons raw cacao powder or cocoa
2-3 tablespoons brown rice syrup

Line a dinner plate or baking pan with baking paper (a dinner plate is ideal as the slight indent creates a good shape. Scatter the berries and coconut on the plate or baking pan. Melt the oil and butter in a saucepan or in the microwave (the oil takes longer to melt, so add the butter a little after), then stir in the cacao powder and syrup. Pour over the berries and pop into the freezer for 30 minutes, until firm. To serve, either break into shards or cut into wedges.

Note: Be sure to use salted butter in this recipeā€”it gives it a lovely kick.

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