Read It and Drink It: The Wet and the Dry Paired with a Lemon Margarita

There's no better way to contemplate a drinker's journey than with a drink.

Sweet Broiled Lemon Margarita from The Cocktail LabThe Wet and the Dry, by Lawrence Osborne offers provocative, sometimes unsettling insights into the deeply embedded conflicts between East and West, and the surprising influence of drinking on the contemporary world today. Sip on a Sweet Broiled Lemon Margarita from The Cocktail Lab while meditating on the meaning of alcohol consumption.

Drink It.

Sweet Broiled Lemon Margarita
Recipe from The Cocktail Lab by Tony Conigliaro
Serves 1

50 ml (11/2 oz) reposado tequila
25 ml (3/4 oz) broiled lemon juice (below)
20 ml (2/3 oz) triple sec

Sugar, for the rim

1. Combine all the ingredients except the sugar in a cocktail tin and shake over cubed ice.

2. Fine strain and pour into a chilled coupette with a half sugar rim.


5 Sicilian lemons
Chopping board
100-micron Superbag

1. Chop the lemons in half and broil at medium heat until golden brown.

2. Juice the broiled lemons.

3. Strain using a Superbag.

4. Homogenize in four 25-second bursts.

Read It.

The Wet and the Dry Book Excerpt

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