Hipster baby name generator from Hello, My Name is Pabst by Miek Bruno and Kerry Sparks

Find out your hipster baby name.

Have you been dying to find out what your parents would have named you had they been hipsters? Or are you currently just looking for a small change in your life? Here’s the hipster baby name generator to help you.

This name generator comes from the authors of Hello, My Name is Pabst, Miek Bruno and Kerry Sparks. The book shows alternaparents how to put their stamp on baby-naming, injecting fun into what can be an otherwise contentious process. Names are thematically arranged into lists including “Names You Can Drink at the Bar” (Jager, Hennessey), “Names That Fit Into Skinny Jeans” (Vette, Plank), “Vegan and Gluten-Free Names” (Miso, Quinoa), and “Names to CTRL+C and CTRL+V” (Adobe, Helvetica). Also included are “tipsters” for sparking naming creativity, such as opening a box of crayons or scanning the credits of a foreign film. Pabst presents a whole new approach to baby-naming for a whole new generation of parents who want names that look good on a tote bag and kick ass at the playground.

Click on the image below for the baby name generator. And don’t forget to spread your new hipster baby name far and wide.

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