Here we come…

The mochimochis attack Crown Publishing

Breaking News Alert:

Random House Building, NYC, 1130 Hours

Normal operations at Crown Publishing have momentarily ceased due to an ongoing battle with the Mochimochis. The knitted toys infiltrated the Random House building at 1115 hours.

An eyewitness report recounts the event:

Security Guard, Badge #86512

“I was stationed at lobby turnstile 1, eating my doughnut, when my feet were suddenly attacked. I looked down and this purple knitted . . . thing . . . an eel, I think it was, was wrapping my legs in yarn. I lost my balance and went down, hard. While I struggled to get up, the eel led an army of knitted zombies, creatures, cats, vampires, and more into the elevators.”

According to the enemy’s leader, Hurly Burly, the Mochimochi’s are tired of being one-dimensional creatures found only within the pages of their books. It is this discontent that led them to strike out at their publisher.

Preparations to stop any further attacks have been made. Fortifications were put in place yesterday when early intelligence came in from the toys’ creator, Anna Hrachovec. She reported early rumors from Mochimochi Land of the creatures rallying and readying their army.

While we were not successful in preventing the infiltration of the ground floor, we are confident that we will be able to stop the Mochimochis from gaining access to floors 1–14.

We will be on the move, continuing to fight for our publishing existence. For further battle updates, follow @CrownPublishing, @mochimochiland and the hashtag #MochimochisAttack on Twitter.

We are taking the fight to them.

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