Excerpt from To My Assistant by Lydia Whitlock

Overworked and underappreciated assistants finally get their due.

I will not request that you create and maintain my online dating profile.

To My Assistant compiles everything that disgruntled and optimistic assistants everywhere promise NEVER TO DO when, one day, they have assistants of their own. From ridiculous requests and backhanded compliments to outright insults, and complete with helpful tips and tricks for Boss Wrangling—like what you can learn about your boss’s mood from his meal choices, how to navigate such professional minefields as requests for your opinion and interactions with your boss’s children and pets, and advanced translation techniques for incoherent e-mails and text messages—these pages are just what the underpaid masses need to survive (and laugh at) the daily injustices of life at the bottom of the totem pole.

Read this Q&A with Lydia Whitlock.

To My Assistant Book Excerpt

To My Assistant by Lydia Whitlock – Excerpt by Crown Publishing Group

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