Einkorn by Carla Bartolucci

Einkorn, an ancient and flavorful grain that has never been hybridized, is a true gift for those who suffer from gluten sensitivity.

Now, with her new book EINKORN, Jovial organic foods founder Carla Bartolucci takes the mystery out of baking with nature’s original wheat. Join us as we learn how this grain can benefit our baked goods and our health as we explore EINKORN.


einkorn collage with border



CARLA BARTOLUCCI and her husband, Rodolfo, first started growing einkorn near their home in Northern Italy in 2009 and today are the largest growers of einkorn wheat in the world. Through their line of products with Jovial Foods and Bionaturæ, they aim to preserve plant biodiversity and promote ancient varieties of fruit, olives, and grains. For more information, visit www.jovialfoods.com or find her on Twitter @Jovialfoods or on Facebook at Jovial.

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