Don’t Miss Your Chance to Attend a Fancy Premiere and Get a Fancy Signed Copy!

Let Me Off at the Top! is available November 19, wherever books are sold. No, really!

Let Me Off at the Top! To celebrate the upcoming release of Ron Burgundy’s tell-all autobiography, we’re giving you the chance of a lifetime. One Grand Prize Winner from the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Ireland will each win round-trip tickets for two to the premiere in New York (U.S. and Canadian winners), London and Dublin, respectively.

ENTER HERE http://bit.ly/BurgundyBook

More about the book:

In his very own words Burgundy reveals his most private thoughts, his triumphs and his disappointments. His life reads like an adventure story complete with knock down fights, beautiful women and double-fisted excitement on every page. He has hunted jackalopes with Bobby Kennedy and Peter Lawford, had more than his share of his amorous exploits, and formed the greatest on-air team in the history of televised news. Along the way, he hobnobbed with people you wish you knew and some you honestly wish you didn’t — celebrities, presidents, presidents’ wives, celebrities’ wives, dogs, and, of course Veronica Corningstone, the love of his life. Walter Cronkite, Barbra Streisand, Katie Couric, the list goes on. Who didn’t Mr. Burgundy, or “Ron” as he is known to his friends, rub elbows with in the course of his colorful and often criminal life?

This may well be the most thrilling book ever written, by a man of great physical, moral and spiritual strength and not surprisingly a great literary talent as well. This book deserves a real shot at a Pulitzer Prize. In fact if it doesn’t win one then we will finally have proof that the Pulitzer is rigged.

Ron Burgundy has taken the time to write a book. We owe it to him, as honest Americans, to read it.

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