Brunch Menu from Bittersweet for Your Book Club

Get your book club together to make some tasty treats inspired by food eaten by the characters



Get your book club in the mood and prepare some tasty brunch food and drink to discuss the drama-filled pages of Bittersweet by Miranda Beverly-Whittmore.

Main Course:
Mabel’s Scrambled Eggs
I made scrambled eggs in the drafty kitchen with my coverlet wrapped around me while Ev tried, in vain, to start a fire in the woodstove. (page 193)


Masha’s Omelets
Masha made us omelets and homefries and thick-cut bacon. The salty aroma filling the empty Dining Hall sent me into paroxysms of joy.  (page 117)



Side Dishes:
Thick Cut Bacon
He fed me. Bacon, crispy. Eggs, scrambled. Warmed blueberry muffins he found in the freezer and drizzled with honey. (page 218)

Lu’s Sourdough Bread
[I]n the first twenty-four hours I knew her, Lu picked wildflowers from the meadow for Bittersweet’s kitchen table, mixed me a batch of sourdough starter, and taught me how to do the Australian crawl. (page 97)

Galway’s Blueberry Muffins drizzled with Honey
He slipped a honey-dipped finger into my mouth… (page 218)

I simply walked in her direction, cutting into my apple with an appetite it wouldn’t long satiate. I though of Eve and her apple, wandering in Eden. (page 239)Bittersweet

To Drink:
Coffee: [John] poured himself half a cup of coffee, which he drank in one gulp, spilling a bit down the front of his red flannel shirt. (page 265)

Black Tea    
“You take milk? Sugar?” Birch asked as a woman carried a tea tray onto the sunny porch. (page 144)

“You from around here, May?” Murray demanded as he thrust a glass of champagne into my hands. (page 108)

…I sank into the red chair with a glass of lemonade. (page 41)


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