7 decorating tips from French Accents

The ultimate celebration of Parisian decorating in all of its ephemeral, individual, and incontrovertible style.

French Accents by Erin SwiftThe lavishly illustrated French Accents shows you how to choose fabulous French decorating details to create interiors with an unforgettable sense of sophistication and charm. French details are the key to achieving the effortless chic of the French home. Sharing the homeowner’s visions, Erin Swift highlights hundreds of fascinating and unconventional decorating details that you can draw inspiration from:

1. Embrace primary colors. In a room with impressive architecture and incredible artwork, colors from the crayon box can look very grown-up.

2. Think of using black and white as your base palette if you’re not a color person, but sneak in a pop of color. In a bedroom, use a white duvet as a calm constant; bring in color with sheets, shams, and coverlets, which you can change over the years or seasons.

3. Let your library spill out of the shelves. Embrace piles of books on the floor, under a table, anywhere they look good to you.

4. Wall art can take many forms. Consider hanging everyday objects with graphic appeal; vintage board games can add color and a playful look to any room.

5. Place beauty anywhere. Art may get even more attention if it’s in an unexpected spot. In a stairwell, the lack of distractions makes the work even more impressive.

6. Hang a non-functional light fixture it beside recessed lighting, so that you can take advantage of the beauty of the piece and still get the lighting you need.

7. Eschew the kitchen island for a counter-height kitchen table. Use it as a work surface when needed, and as a casual but elegant dining setup at other times.

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