5 anti-aging benefits of barefoot walking

Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee have created an essential guide to barefoot walking.

Barefoot Walking by Michael Sandler and Jessica LeeBarefoot Walking shows all readers, no matter their fitness level, how to take command of their physical well-being through this simple and easy practice, even if they are daunted by sore feet, achy joints, injury, illness, or feeling out of shape. This book contains special material for children, pregnant women, and seniors, and shows anyone how this gentle, natural activity can literally transform one’s life, restoring health, vitality, strength, and balance, and improving focus, mood, memory, and more.

While there are many reasons to start barefoot walking, here are a few anti-aging benefits of the practice.
(Excerpted from Barefoot Walking by Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee)

Grow taller. You will stand taller and with better posture. When you feel the ground, you gain awareness of your body and your posture. You feel all of your muscles firing. You can feel if you’re hunched, if you’re pooching out your belly, or if you’re sagging at the knees. This immediate feedback helps you tighten your core and stand tall. You stand more erect, you eliminate your slouch, your shoulders stop rolling forward, you tuck your pelvis underneath you, and you stand more like a ballet dancer. It won’t be just you who notices this; those around you, and your chiropractor if you see one, will notice as well. Who said you have to start shrinking with age.

Get abs of steel. Your core, from your abdominal muscles to your back, begins to tighten and strengthen to hold you in position. You’ll feel it in your clothes (they’ll drape better) and in how you feel. Now you can reach things above you without as much stress, wobble, or strain. You can carry things more easily, you feel stronger overall, and you feel more powerful too, as your inner power comes from your core.

Say goodbye to foot pain. In the beginning your feet may fatigue as you go barefoot. But that’s not a bad thing; it’s like lifting weights at the gym. Your muscles get tired and then grow back stronger. As your feet begin to strengthen and adapt, you’ll notice many of the daily aches and pains of your feet and lower legs going away. Soon standing on your feet will be a more enjoyable activity.

Gain greater circulation. You’ll quickly begin to notice your feet don’t feel as cold. Over time you’ll see an increase in warmth or blood flow to your feet and lower legs, and a decrease in your varicose veins – all without laser therapy. You’ll feel warmer on the cooler days, and cooler on the warmer days.

Grow baby feet again. Those cute, chubby little feet you had as a child just might return. The fat on the bottom of your feet went away because you’ve spent too many years in your shoes. Great news here: once you go barefoot, the ground stimulates your feet and the fat you’ve lost since you were a child begins to return. The skin starts to thicken, but not as unsightly calluses, caused by high-friction areas in an ill-fitting shoe; rather, it occurs as an even thickening over the entire bottom of the foot where your sole meets the ground. This fat pad will make challenging surfaces much easier to negotiate.

Read a Q&A with the authors of Barefoot Walking for even more barefoot walking benefits.

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