Press Release: Living with What You Love by Monica Rich Kosann


Decorating with Family Photos, Cherished Heirlooms, and Collectibles

 By Monica Rich Kosann

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Displaying the fine art of family helps make a house into a home. No one knows this better than famed portrait photographer and designer Monica Rich Kosann who has helped countless families artfully incorporate their photographs, heirlooms, and treasured objects into their home decor. These touches add the final layer of personality to homes and celebrate what families cherish most, be it children, pets, books, or travel. 

 LIVING WITH WHAT YOU LOVE: Decorating with Family Photos, Cherished Heirlooms, and Collectibles (Clarkson Potter; April 20, 2010; $30.00 hardcover) offers a plethora of creative ideas for bringing the things you cherish out of storage and into the forefront of your life. Whether you live in a multi-story home or a one-room studio, there are countless ways to use your space to display your most precious memories. There are tips on how to create a “family wall” of photographs in your living room or kitchen, use a stairway as a showcase for family heirlooms, create tabletop vignettes, mix the old with the new, and bring to life out-of-the-way nooks and corners in your home with your wonderful keepsakes.

 Kosann also provides useful advice on framing and preserving photographs, restoring vintage frames, and photographing children. She invites you to take a glimpse into bedrooms, kitchens, libraries, and studies where families have created wonderfully personal spaces using travel souvenirs, flea market finds, antiques, and memorabilia.   

 In LIVING WITH WHAT YOU LOVE, Kosann shows how we can incorporate our memories and family heritage into our daily and future lives, creating and living with art and memory in our homes. The book goes beyond Kosann’s work as a photographer and designer of home accessories and jewelry, drawing from the lifestyle elements of her work, as well as her experience of more than twenty years helping clients display their personal collections, photographs, and heirlooms.

 LIVING WITH WHAT YOU LOVE will inspire you to take a good look at your home, your keepsakes, and your photographs, and create your own ever-evolving family story. 



Monica Rich Kosann is a nationally recognized fine-art portrait photographer. She has worked with many prominent clients, including Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Eva Longoria Parker, and Madonna. She also designs an eponymous line of jewelry and home accessories, which is sold in fine retailers across the United States, including Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys, and Neiman Marcus. In 2009, Kosann launched, an online magazine devoted to stories and videos about how families capture and share their most precious memories. 



Decorating with Family Photos, Cherished Heirlooms, and Collectibles

By Monica Rich Kosann

On Sale: April 20, 2010, from Clarkson Potter/Publishers

Price: $30.00 hardcover

ISBN: 978-0-307-46132-2

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