Press Release: The Overnight Resume

Publication Date: FEBRUARY 2010

The Overnight Resume

The Fastest Way to Your Next Job



Author of How to Get Any Job and Asher’s Bible of Executive Resumes

With unemployment nearing 10 percent, millions of job-seekers are in need of a crash course in resume-writing. In The Overnight Resume, career-guru Donald Asher shows readers how to merge two classic resume forms into a uniquely dynamic, highly focused document guaranteed to get job-seekers in the door.

Featuring an entirely new roster of sample resumes, Asher’s best-selling guide delivers everything one needs to know to have a job-winning resume ready tomorrow. It reveals what today’s employers are really looking for, what HR directors consider in their hiring decisions, what everyone should know about the Internet and social networking sites, and what makes a great resume, including the four most important things a good resume can do.

Used by the Professional Association of Resume Writers as a primer for certification, this step-by-step resource is completely revised and updated for anyone serious about getting an interview and landing a job. With The Overnight Resume, job-seekers at any level can learn hot tips of the trade from a professional resume writer, such as how to successfully achieve the following:

  • Launch a full-scale job search within 24 hours.
  • Access the hidden job market.
  • Beat resume-sorting software!
  • Look like a local, from anywhere in the country.
  • Learn how fast-track heavy hitters write their resumes (including online resumes, HTML, scannable, and portfolio versions).

For the millions of people who have been laid off, are worried about it, or are planning to make a job or career change soon, The Overnight Resume is the fastest sure-hire way to the next great job opportunity.

DONALD ASHER is a nationally known speaker and writer on the topics of careers and higher education. He is the author of ten books on career development issues as well as a contributing writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, the Wall Street Journal’s and, USAirways Magazine, MSN Encarta and MSN homepage, Dow Jones’s National Business Employment Weekly and Managing Your Career magazines, and many other publications and career sites. He visits more than one hundred university campuses every year to discuss career management topics from salary negotiations to linking your major to your life goals. When not on the road, Asher divides his time between San Francisco, California, and Northern Nevada. He is available for interviews.

The Overnight Resume: The Fastest Way to Your Next Job (third edition)

by Donald Asher

$12.99 paper, 144 pages, 8 1/2 x 10 7/8 inches, ISBN: 978-1-58008-091-0


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