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“A hangover is an opportunity to see and taste the world in a new way. It’s a chance for spontaneity and whimsical thoughts and deeds. Try something different. Try enjoying your hangover rather than simply enduring it.” —From the Introduction to The Hungover Cookbook





By Milton Crawford


In THE HUNGOVER COOKBOOK (Clarkson Potter; on sale May 31, 2011), Milton Crawford introduces you to the multifaceted, subtle art of dealing with your fragile state of mind the morning after a big night of drinking.  No longer will you have to depend on the old hair-of-the-dog trick, as you now have everything you need to know to assess, understand, and overcome a hangover, including:

*Diagnosis: Before you even begin to deal with your hangover, use Milton’s clever visual tests and detailed questionnaires to pinpoint your exact level of hungover-ness.

*Classification: Your test results will give you a specific type of hangover that Milton has based on P.G. Wodehouse’s categorization: the Broken Compass, the Sewing Machine, the Comet, the Atomic, the Cement Mixer, and the Gremlin Boogie.

*Recipes: With chapters organized by hangover type to guide you down a gastronomic path to recovery, THE HUNGOVER COOKBOOK features over forty curative recipes, including the Elvis Presley Peanut Butter, Banana, and Bacon Sandwich; the Breakfast Burger; Spicy Sausage and Bean Casserole; and Scrambled Eggs with Caramelized Onion and Feta Cheese.


Interspersed throughout THE HUNGOVER COOKBOOK are mind games, witticisms, graphic jokes, insights into hangover science, quizzes to see if you are still drunk now or just merely hungover, and more. As Milton promises, “This book is a therapeutic cookbook, a gastronomic comedy, a burlesque homage to the possibility of snatching hope from failure, triumph from despair, laughter from tragedy.”


If all of this is too much to deal with in your hungover state, Milton would suggest that you just pop a few painkillers, down a glass of water, and head back to bed. But if you have an appetite and a sense of humor, we hope you will join Milton and THE HUNGOVER COOKBOOK to discover your own “hungover epiphany.” 



Amateur chef, professional boozer, poet, traveler, and essayist, Milton Crawford is also a fantastic drinker. He describes drinking as his one true talent in life, maintaining that “seven days without a drink makes one weak.” He once said that a hangover is like being crucified—it offers ordinary mortals the chance of resurrection on a daily basis. His politics are libertarian (to say the least). His heroes are people who found the palace of wisdom via the road of excess, to paraphrase William Blake. They include Tolstoy and Buddha. His ambition is to survive for long enough to become a similarly wise man in his old age as those two grand ex-debauchees. When he’s not drunk, Milton reads, writes, cooks, travels, and swims. He has a cat and occasionally lives in London because it’s “good for his career.” Find out what Milton’s doing now on Twitter:





By Milton Crawford

Clarkson Potter/Publishers

On Sale: May 31, 2011 • ISBN 978-0-307-88631-6 • Price: $10.00



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