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 Steven Ehrlich Houses


By Steven Ehrlich


Residential design forms the core of Steven Ehrlich’s award-winning, Los Angeles-based architectural practice, and sixteen houses are presented in his book, STEVEN EHRLICH HOUSES (The Monacelli Press, April 12, 2011, $50). Ehrlich’s designs are characterized by the fusion of powerful modernist forms with the cultural, climatic, and contextual particulars of place.
Ehrlich spent six years living, teaching, traveling, and studying indigenous vernacular architecture in North and West Africa. (During that time he was a Peace Corps architect in Morocco and a professor of architecture in Nigeria.) He became immersed in the power and raw beauty of settings such as the textured hill towns of Tunisia, the maze-like souks of Fez, the protected and intimate courtyard houses of Marrakesh, the gravity-defying raised forts of Ghana, and the interconnected desert cities of Algeria. Describing himself as an “architectural anthropologist,” he continues to draw on that experience in making connections between architecture, and culture, people and place.
Ehrlich also has a deep commitment to modernism, with its focus on minimalism, honesty in materials, and rooted connection to the land. He has brought these strands together in the houses he has designed in the desert landscape of Southern California and the Southwest. STEVEN EHRLICH HOUSES gives an intimate look at these designs and the design process. Accompanying the drawings and luxurious color photography are sketches and source material that reveal the genesis of the designs as well as the completed projects.


Steven Ehrlich is the design principal of a thirty-person team that has won eight National AIA Design Awards and was named California AIA Firm of the Year in 2003. Ehrlich has applied his flexible, inclusive design philosophy to recent projects in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  Ehrlich has taught at the University of Southern California, UCLA and Sci Arch and has been a guest critic at Harvard, Arizona State University and Yale.


Steven Ehrlich Houses

Steven Ehrlich

240 pages • 9 x 11 ½ inches • 200 color illustrations

ISBN 978-1-58093-306-3 • $50 hardcover

April 12. 2011

The Monacelli Press • 1745 Broadway • New York, New York 10019

The Crown Publishing Group