Press Release: The 10 Laws of Enduring Success Paperback

 “Drawing from her own achievements and her observations from mingling with the professional elite, Bartiromo… argues that economically uncertain times provide great opportunities for self-reflection and seizing one’s own fate.” — USA Today

“…A lively guide to her personal philosophy of success, with inspiring, resonant lessons for weary business executives and college graduates wondering, ‘What now?’” — Publishers Weekly


Award-winning journalist Maria Bartiromo reveals why humility – not hubris – and a resilient spirit are essential ingredients for success in these uncertain times.


By Maria Bartiromo with Catherine Whitney

In THE 10 LAWS OF ENDURING SUCCESS, now available in paperback from Crown Business Paperback, Maria Bartiromo offers a candid look at her life and career, sharing what she learned from her close-knit family and her upbringing, along with insight gained from pivotal moments in her professional life.

Bartiromo synthesizes her hard-earned wisdom with important lessons she’s learned interacting daily with some of the most famous and powerful figures in the world, from Jack Welch and Garry Kasparov to Dmitry Medvedev and Joe Torre. The result is a formidable book that looks at success through the lens of the extraordinary times we are living through, aiming to come up with the most important attributes of true success – and to also expose the trappings. Among other things, Bartiromo reveals why humility (not hubris), laughing at yourself, and not wasting time on outrage are essential.

With her fine-tuned journalistic eye, Bartiromo looks at the intangible factors of success, the ones that can’t be measured or counted and the qualities that aren’t reflected in a title or on a business card. What does she find? Be Darwinian: Today we’re facing a situation scarcely imaginable five years ago. The people who survive and grow will be those who can evolve. She also talks about comebacks (think Michael Milken), how everyone fails at some point (herself included), and how accountability is key (example: David Neeleman’s apology to Jet Blue passengers for bad decisions that left them on the runway for hours). She also talks about the importance of taking a breather and how sometimes people’s identities become so wrapped up in their jobs or status that they can’t handle come-downs, especially being laid off. If you don’t have a foundation of achievement and values, she counsels, you’ll get swept away with the tide.

THE 10 LAWS OF ENDURING SUCCESS includes many frank insights from Bartiromo’s personal experience. She recounts how working in off-track betting during college helped prepare her for the NYSE floor and how overbooking her schedule led to an unprepared interview with Charlie Rose. She explores the family origins of work ethic and how a chance meeting in the ladies room with a mentor motivated her to try just that much harder. Her lively anecdotes provide inspire and set the stage for very practical advice on achieving success and fulfillment at work and in life.  “You can’t always control the way you are judged by others,” she writes, “but you can live your life in such a way that you can look at yourself in the mirror and feel content.”

THE 10 LAWS OF ENDURING SUCCESS provides readers with an essential compass to help navigate tough times – not just as one-off achievement, but a durable, lifelong pursuit. She offers the insights and motivation we need to propel ourselves to the next level. It is a must-read for anyone who wants to succeed.



Maria Bartiromo is the anchor of CNBC’s “Closing Bell with Maria Bartiromo” and host and managing editor of the nationally syndicated “Wall Street Journal Report with Maria Bartiromo,” rated the most-watched financial news program. Earlier in her career, she was a producer, writer and editor for CNN Business News. A graduate of New York University and now on its board of trustees, Maria Bartiromo lives in New York City with her husband, Jonathan Steinberg.

Catherine Whitney is a New York writer who has coauthored many books on politics and business.


By Maria Bartiromo with Catherine Whitney
On-Sale: March 1, 2011; Crown Business Paperback: 284 pages
ISBN: 978-0-307-45253-5; Price: $15.00

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